Avoid the Circle Android Game By Elluminati


Introduction of the Game

Avoid the Circle Android Game By Elluminati  is a simple game with limitless state of continuous levels. Once you start playing this game, you don’t need to worry about changing levels. You can play this game by single finger (personally I play it with thumb). Now without wasting energy into reading this more, let’s understand how to play this game.

How to Play ?

  1. Download the Game from Google Play and open it on your Android Device.
  2. You will see the Menu Screen where you will find the Play option, just click on it and get ready for the ride.
  3. Now you press any part of the screen and you will see that the “Yellow Circle” will start moving, as soon as you leave the screen then that Yellow circle will stop moving.
  4. Now the game is simple, you just need to move that yellow circle ahead and ahead. It sounds very simple right ? But wait it is not that simple. If it would be so simple then there would not be any excitement in playing that right ?
  5. Now you will also see some other bubbles and objects moving on your screen, what you need to do is to avoid the collision of those bubbles / objects with your “Yellow Circle” while your Yellow Circle is moving.
  6. If your Yellow Circle is moving and it touches the obstacle object then the game will be over and if the obstacle is coming near while moving Yellow Circle and you stop moving your Yellow Circle then they will not collide and you will be safe.
  7. As you move farther and farther the obstacle intensity and frequency will be higher and the ball speed will increase gradually. This will make your move difficult and still you can achieve it in perfect timing.
  8. Feel Excitement yourself and feel free to comment me back your feedback. I will wait for your feedback !


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