Celebration at Green Leaf Club Rajkot

As the tagline of our blog is “We work hard & we play harder”,  it is very much necessary for us to prove it ! 😛

Time for Planning the Fun

We planned the party time in such a situation when we all were full tired for two reasons:

Firstly, by God’s Grace we were shifting to a new big office and we realized at the end that shifting office is not an easy task at all (Obviously it was our first experience like this and we thought it would be too easy and we can shift office in a single day with no big effort, but fortunately or unfortunately it took a full week to transfer).

Secondly, No matter you are busy or involved with any task like shifting office, clients will be clients and deadlines will be a real “DEAD LINES” for you and your team.  So in short it was very difficult week that we managed somehow and I would like to thank my team for their full support with limited infrastructure, without which it would not have been possible to meet the deadlines.

Now finally after shifting we were all tired and we decided to have some real fun on the weekend. And there comes the idea for GREEN LEAF CLUB.

Now starts the real fun time 

We planned to reach at some central point in rajkot at 9:00 AM and as usual everyone was waiting for me and my friend Rohan (Rohan always have a good habit of reaching late at any place. :P)

When we announced the trip, we clearly announced that we are gonna have fun in the swimming pool so do come with your costumes. As everyone knows, only few of them follow that.  But still we managed to get all of them with costumes there. Unfortunately the time we reached the CLUB the pool was in maintenance.

Now we hunted the place for some alternate fun till the time pool opens up ! Soon few of the non-swimmer team members found a game zone in the CLUB and believe me we all have captured the whole area with all the game equipments.  Everyone else in the CLUB might be thinking that “when these guys will leave ??” 😀

Fortunately after an hour they announced that pool is now open for all and within the fraction of seconds the game zone was left empty. Now the real action started and I think no need to describe that as you all can see that in the photographs below. :)