Complete Guide About Mobile Application Development

Application has already changed the way people used desktop. Today mobile application development has made a huge impact in the world. Here goes Complete Guide About Mobile Application Development as follows:-

What’s this buzz all about?

Today 80% of world’s population has mobile phone. In year of 1990 total no of mobile user is approximately 24.2 million. But after 20 years, in year of 2011, it becomes amazingly 5.6. there are 1.08 billion smartphones. 89% of smartphone users use their phones throughout the day.

With passing of time concept of mobile is changing. Formerly, mobile had been made just to make call with some general features like calendar, alarm, calculator, stopwatch etc. But now the concept of mobile apps development has been totally changed and mobile technology has opened doors for new mobile application development industry.

Downloading applications is the most popular data usage activity for smartphone users


Smartphone platform android has the highest market share of 75%

Apple iphone users download the maximum applications, which is approx 83 per user

Android- 75%, ios- 14%, blackberry- 3%,window phone- 2%

Adobe AIR, Phone GAP, IBM Worklight, Titanium mobile

44% respondents only offer Native Apps, 22% offer Web Apps, 35% offer both Native & Web.

Trend of using application growing festly: Game-60%; News/Weathe-52%; Maps/Navigation-51%; Social Networking-47%; Music-43%; Entertainment-34%; Banking/Finance-28%; Sports-27%; Travel-18%; other-3%.

Mobile devices are truly personal. We believe the power of mobile and tablet devices will transform the way we live and that this transformation will affect every aspect of our work and personal lives.