Fire Chief An Android Game- Elluminati

Hey friends, I hope you are all doing pretty well and having a great blast with dance in this Navratri festival.

I want to share one Cool thing about the general human nature about the feeling of Heroism ! We all wanted to be hero in some or the other way. Some of my friends who are reading this, might also have started dreaming about the heroic situation where they are doing something Awesome to save the world ! :{) 😀 If that is the case then you are not the only one. It was the same case with me while writing this. But now without wasting a single second of yours lets just directly come to the point.

Elluminati has launched a game with which you can feel like a real hero of a movie or firefighter. We have named it as Fire Chief An Android Game- Elluminati .Game is something like this…

You are a firefighter Marshal and you get a call for emergency… you rush to the site where you see that the fire is damn bad and people are starving for the help ! Here comes the hero (YOU) with the high pressure CANON (Of course water canon) to rescue the people and extinguish the fire. This would be a first site where you will extinguish fire, but then a second call comes, and it goes on and on… After couple of years you get transferred to other city of the world where your talent is more required. This way YOU spread your heroism all over the world saving hundreds of life in your full career.

Now technically city would be your missions and each single site would be your Level ! It sounds very simple right ? But, don’t worry we have managed to keep good villeins to make your journey interesting and challenging. 😛

I am sure you would definitely love to have a ride of this thrilled journey once. Because everyone whats to be hero . :)

Download it from Play Store Now !