Rocket Run a Trending Android Game-Elluminati

One fine evening me and my friend (Rohan Vaidya) were discussing on games at Elluminati. The discussion was all about kind of games trends in the market. After around half an hour of healthy discussion we came up with the list of things that trends in gaming.

Believe me the games that were trending in the digital market were very simple games with one page. More technically we call it as a one touch game. For example, if you can play any of the game with either one of your finger or more preferably thumb then we call it as an one touch game. After coming to the conclusion we tried digging it to know more about the advantages of such games. What we found out is that the user now a days don’t want to get involved into more story or logical games in their phones, so they move towards the one touch apps which can be played while they are travelling in bus or train occupying only one hand.

After coming up with all these conclusion we finalized to build few one touch games which are really easy to play (Obviously, it will become difficult on level basis :P).  Instantly after sketching the concept we started developing it right from the next day and gradually came up with the ROCKET RUN. I am sure if anyone tries playing ROCKET RUN, he/she will not be able to put that down for at least 10 minutes.

Don’t go with the name “ROCKET RUN” , there is no rocket science required to play this one touch simple game. You just need to save your moving rocket from the obstacles, that’s it ! Yes, it is as simple as that. 

HINT : To save your rocket for more time you can keep your rocket at lower part of your screen so you will get more reaction time to save it from obstacles. 

Download it from Play Store